Microsoft Takes A Second Crack At PC Protection… This Time It’s Free

I guess Microsoft figured out that OneCare was a bomb. So they went back to the drawing board and have announced a new suite of PC protection products for Windows users:

“Code-named “Morro,” this streamlined solution will be available in the second half of 2009 and will provide comprehensive protection from malware including viruses, spyware, rootkits and trojans. This new solution, to be offered at no charge to consumers, will be architected for a smaller footprint that will use fewer computing resources, making it ideal for low-bandwidth scenarios or less powerful PCs.”

Oh yeah, it’s free too. That’s always a good thing. Why is Microsoft coming out with something for free? Here’s why:

“Because uptake of standard anti-malware is low around the world, particularly in developing nations, the availability of basic protection for anyone who wants it is all the more important,” said Roger Kay, founder and president of Endpoint Technologies Associates. “By offering such basic protection at no charge to the consumer, Microsoft is promoting a safer environment for PCs, service providers and e-commerce itself, since it is through unprotected PCs that the worst threats are introduced to the system as a whole.”

Okay. I’ll accept that. But I suspect the real reason is that it likely insulates Microsoft from exploits due to the fact that their operating systems are so insecure to begin with. After all, Apple doesn’t have to do something like this to protect their users as their operating system is a lot more secure from the ground up.

When it ships, I’ll download a copy and let you know what I think. Chances are, it won’t be replacing the copies of AVG that I have on real and virtual PC’s. But who knows, they could surprise me.

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