New MacBook Users Suffering From Graphics Chipset Issues?

It seems that those who bought Apple’s latest and greatest MacBook and MacBook Pro hardware may have two serious issues to work around.

According to this Apple Discussion Board thread, the first one which has become known as “The Black Screen Of Death” works something like this. Play a game that demands a lot from the graphics processor and screen will go black after just a few minutes of gaming. The system locks up and the audio enters into an infinite loop right after that. The user is then left with no choice but to reboot.

According to another thread, the second issue goes something like this. Owners of both the new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros are reporting wave-like video distortions while scrolling in web browsers or viewing HD content. There are suggestions that the problem is MacOS specific as running Windows via Boot Camp does not produce the same issue.

In both cases, there are suggestions that Apple is aware of the issues and may be working on a fix.

If you’ve seen these issues, can you leave a commment and tell us your experience.

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