Homeshoring: Because Offshoring Is So Last Year

There’s a new trend in setting up call centers. Instead of having a huge building of droids agents either in North America or in India (or Egypt for that matter), set them up at home and have them link in to the universe via broadband Internet and VOIP. This trend is known as Homeshoring according to a San Francisco Chronicle article:

“It gives us access to some high-quality labor that wouldn’t work in a call center,” said Andrea Ayers, president for customer management for Convergys Corp., an outsourcing company that is increasing the number of agents who work from home. “This gives us more staffing flexibility, and we can make it work with their lifestyle.”

That’s great. But before you say that this is a good idea, read this:

Home agents often start at $8 to $10 an hour, earning more depending on the skill and knowledge required for specific clients. Besides gas, home-based operators save on car maintenance and the cost of keeping up an office wardrobe.

The thought of some 250 lb soccer mom working for $10 an hour answering my phone call in her jammies is enough to tramuatize me for life. But I can see how this would be popluar in today’s economy.

I guess it gives the term “homework” a whole new meaning.

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