Pink Slips Start Flying At Yahoo

It’s official. According to The New York Times, 1500 people no longer work for Yahoo. If that’s not bad enough, these may not be the last round of layoffs:

“There could be additional staff reductions next year,” said Brad Williams, a Yahoo spokesman. “It depends on the decisions we make about prioritization, and on things we can’t predict in the economy.” Mr. Williams added: “We are trying to instill a culture of cost-discipline in our business.”

I’m guessing that for those who remain at Yahoo, that statement is enough to get them to mass e-mail their CV’s to recruiters and HR managers everywhere. Assuming they’re not already doing that.

Oh, I should point out a couple of things about this New York Times article. There’s a link in it to Valleywag there that details the spin that Yahoo bosses are to use when sacking an employee. Also there’s a link in the same article in which soon to be ex-CEO Jerry Yang penned a blog entry in the company blog.

These are sad times. One wonders if things would be different if Yang sold the company to Microsoft when he had the chance.

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