Microsoft Opens “I’m A PC” Swag Store….. Seriously!

Get this. Microsoft has opened an online swag store which will allow you to buy clothing, mugs, and even fridge magnets that proudly proclaims your blind love for Microsoft’s products.

When I worked for Apple resellers a few years ago, I used to get t-shirts and other Apple swag all the time. When I wore them while doing mundane tasks such as shopping, I would get positive comments. That still happens to me today when I wear my Apple t-shirts in public.  Microsoft must be hoping for the same sort of effect. I’m just not sure they’ll get it seeing how despised Microsoft products are at the moment.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

One Response to “Microsoft Opens “I’m A PC” Swag Store….. Seriously!”

  1. I can’t wait to see someone get pummeled for wearing one in public.

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