Rogers Deploys 3.5G Network….. So What?

This press release announces the deployment of 3.5G network that will go from coast to coast:

“With Rogers’ 7.2 HSPA network, by far the fastest mobile network in Canada, Canadians can today experience even faster broadband download speeds on their cellphones, smartphones and laptops,” said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. “As we’ve seen with recent announcements, wireless service providers across Canada and internationally are trying to catch up by making the switch to the HSPA standard which Rogers embraced more than three years ago because of the unique benefits it provides our customers. And with today’s national availability of Canada’s fastest mobile network, we’ll continue to offer the best wireless services and newest innovations to Canadians from Halifax to Victoria.”

Okay, I’ll give Rogers some points for the fact that they started doing 3G a while ago and the two headed monster known as Telus and Bell have only recently have started to make plans to go one step further. But I find it hard to get excited about this. Why? Here’s why:

  1. A grand total of four Rogers devices support 3.5G (the HTC Touch Diamond, the LG Vu T915, the Novatel MC950D Rocket Stick and the Novatel X950D Express card in case you were wondering which ones). Until they have more devices that support this standard, it means little at this point.
  2. Canada still has some of the most expensive cellular data rates in the world. So all this super fast access means nothing if I can’t afford it.

So for those reasons, I’m really indifferent about this. When Rogers has a wider selection of devices (which are commonplace elsewhere on Earth) and much better pricing for cellular phone and data, then perhaps I might care. But for those who do, surfing for porn will be much faster if you’ve got the right device.

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