Why Does It Take 35 Minutes And Three Transfers To Replace Clearly Defective Hardware?

I just spent the last 35 minutes on the phone with D Link to replace a DNS-323. The unit was working other than the fact that one of the hard drive lights had burnt out. So I figured that it should be covered under warranty and it should be easy to get a replacement. Here’s what happened next:

  • I sent an e-mail to D Link last night about this. At 1PM today I got a reply asking me to call into their tech support department and reference a case number that they provided within the e-mail. When I called, I was to give them the case number and ask to be transferred to a second level tech.
  • I called the number and waited five minutes to talk to a first level tech. Despite doing what the e-mail told me to do, the first level tech insisted on doing troubleshooting. Plus she insisted on doing this AFTER I told her that I had covered these steps in the FAQ for the product. Only after I played ball with did I get transferred to  second level.
  • I waited another 5 minutes to speak to second level who then insisted to do the SAME troubleshooting steps that the first level person did. WTF? After doing that, she had to gather more information (like what light was burned out and where I bought the device) before transferring me to a “Product Specialist.”
  • So after waiting about 5 minutes to speak to a “Product Specialist” it took him about 30 seconds to conclude that the light had burned out. He then opened an RMA ticket and the call ended.

Total time: 35 Minutes.

This is one of the most retarded things I have ever experienced. This should have been a 5 minute phone call. Why does it take 35 minutes and three people to do a simple RMA that any 9 year old could have done?

What is D Link thinking?

Has anybody else experienced craptastic customer service like this with D Link? Or did I just get them on a bad day?

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