“The Steve” To Skip 2009 Macworld… Apple To Skip Macworld After That… Fanbois In A Tizzy

Apparently this year will be the last year that Apple will be involved in Macworld. For starters, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not deliver the keynote adress at the 2009 edition, leaving those duties to Phil Schiller who is Apple’s Sr. V.P. of Worldwide Marketing. After that, Apple will not be involved in Macworld. When they did that to the east coast version of the show a few years ago, IDG (the company who runs Macworld) killed the event due to lack of interest. One wonders if the west coast show is going to meet a similar fate.

Apple Fanbois are already discussing this online with speculation about his health and the stock value of Apple since this announcement hit the wires.

Personally, I am going to take what Apple says their reasons are for this move that’s in their press release at face value. I think that they have other ways to reach people and they can do without the expense of going to this show. Given the current state of the economy, that’s likely a prudent move. Although it will throw the early Jaunary travel plans of Apple Fanbois everywhere into disarray if the show eventually dies.

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