AppleExpo In Paris Cancelled…. Fanbois And Investors Freak

Hot on the heels of Apple pulling out of Macworld after the 2009 edition and “The Steve” not doing the keynote, comes the news that AppleExpo in Paris has been canceled. The Fanbois aren’t the only ones who are freaking. Investors dumped the stock today. As I type this the stock is down 6% and the investment community has downgraded the stock. Not only that, but rumours about “The Steve’s” health have surfaced again. This quote is from Yair Reiner at Oppenheimer & Co.:

“Six months have passed since Jobs appeared at the Apple Developers Conferences looking drawn and unwell,” Reiner wrote in a note to clients entitled “One Scare Too Many.” “It’s past time for Apple to either disclose the state of his health or elaborate a viable plan for eventually transferring power. Until such time, we can no longer continue to recommend Apple as a long-term investment.”

People really need to get a grip here. Just because Apple isn’t going to trade shows doesn’t mean that the sky is falling. The reality is that with so many Apple stores, the company doesn’t need trade shows to get the message out. So they can cut the expense and continue to take markeshare from Microsoft.

Oh, about “The Steve’s” health…. It’s none of anybody’s business. Period. I’d go into further detail about why this is the case, but I’ve already talked about this previously. So it’s quicker to read my original article on the subject.

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