Update On My Customer’s UPS Issue [UPDATED X4]

This is an update to this posting.

My customer informed me that he had gotten a Purolator Courier return label from APC that was good for four packages. So he packaged the UPSes as well as the defective battery into three packages (Two UPSes came in a single box, so he recycled that box) and shipped them back today. They should get everything tomorrow and I hope that they will process everything correctly. My customer will check his online order to confirm that everything is okay. If something goes south, he’ll be on the phone with APC immediately. APC still owes us one return label, but at this point that doesn’t matter.

If anything “interesting” happens, I’ll post it here.

UPDATE: Here’s something interesting. The online labels worked today for the first time. I guess APC fixed their issues with their online ordering processes. The timing is ironic seeing as the old UPSes and defective battery went back yesterday.

UPDATE #2: According to tracking info provided by Purolator, the old UPSes and defective battery arrived at 11:38 AM. My customer gave me access to his APC online account and they haven’t processed the returns as of yet. I’m guessing that should happen in the next few hours.

UPDATE #3: The second set of Purolator Courier return labels arrived today. Which doesn’t do my customer any good seeing as he sent everything back a couple of days ago. Oh well, APC gets points for getting them here so quickly. But here’s the bad news… They still haven’t processed the return of his UPSes that they got yesterday according to this screen shot:


This does not inspire confidence in APC.

UPDATE #4: My customer called APC today and they confirmed that they did receive the three UPSes that he shipped back, but they could not explain why the status was not updated on their website. That sounds really lame to me. But as long as he doesn’t get phone calls from APC saying he hasn’t shipped them back, I guess that’s okay. But if he does get a call from them, he’s going to point them to this blog posting.

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