Wife Buires Husband With Cell Phone And Leaves Him Voice Mail… Huh?

According to this New York Post report, Marian Seltzer buried her late husband with his cellphone fully charged. Now, three years later, she still pays his Verizon bill monthly and leaves him frequent voicemails. She’s also put his cell phone number on his gravestone so others can call him. When asked why, this was her response:

“Some people talk to God; I talk to my deceased husband.”

Okay then.

She also doesn’t check his voice mail because she doesn’t have the PIN. Besides according to her:

“I wouldn’t feel right doing it. It’s a private thing.”

Okay then.

I guess I should also mention that his kids call him with the latest sports news as well. So this is a family affair.

I won’t pass judgement as people have to deal with their grief in their own way. But I really don’t get this. Perhaps someone would be kind to explain it to me by leaving a comment below.

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