Looks Like Windows 7 Is Going To Ship This Year So That You Can Forget About Vista

Microsoft seems to have a very agressive timeline for Windows 7. Not only are reviews of the beta starting to appear that are generally positive, and the beta has leaked to Bittorrent without much of a reaction from Redmond (possibly because they themselves leaked it), but Tech ARP (who from previous experience has a high degree of accuracy) is saying that upgrade eligibility for Windows 7 will start on July 1st of this year. That means a ship date for Windows 7 in the second half of this year is in the card. All of this is to make you forget the word “Vista” and stop you from going to The Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Stores for your next computer.

I guess Microsoft has no other choice given that Vista has been an utter disaster for them. The question is, will it work or is it too late for them?

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