Google Cuts Temp Workers… But Still Plans To Spend Billions To Take Over The Planet

First the bad news: Google has shed thousands of temp workers, perhaps as much as 10,000, to save itself some cash according to this story.

Now the good news: Google will spend like a drunken salior money according to an SEC filing that is mentioned in the same story:

In the SEC filing, the company said it expects to devote roughly 18 percent of its annual expenses to research and development during each of the next two years. That’s roughly the same percentage as the past four quarters, when its expenditures in the category totaled $US2.7 billion.

Google also said it expects to buy other companies at a pace consistent with the past two years, when $US4.2 billion in cash went toward acquisitions. Google’s $US3.2 billion acquisition of online ad service DoubleClick, completed in March, accounted for most of that amount.

Bottom line. Google will be slimmer, but their plans for world dominantion are on track.

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