BREAKING NEWS: Palm Proves That They’re Not Dead Yet…..Maybe [UPDATE x11]

Recently I’ve been predicting the demise of Palm, but they’ve hit the stage at CES today and announced something that MAY keep them from a slow painful death:

  • They have a new Palm OS that has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • They have a new keyboard and touch screen smartphone called the Palm Pre that will be exclusive to Sprint

At this time, I’m following their CES Press Conference live via this Engadget text feed. As soon as official info is posted, you’ll see it here.

UPDATE: The Palm Pre has the following specs:

  • TI’s latest OMAP CPU
  • Stereo A2DP support
  • EvDO Rev. A (Good luck using that outside North America)
  • 802.11b/g
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • 8GB storage
  • 3.1-inch display, 320 x 480 touchscreen with multitouch functions
  • 3 mp camera with LED flash
  • MicroUSB connection, USB 2.0 jack
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Availability is “the first half of 2009” according to Palm. That’s uber vague.

UPDATE #2: Palm’s new “Nova” OS is a web based OS platform. Anyone who knows CSS, HTML and XML will be able to develop for the OS. That should open the platform up to a lot of people… In theory.  The UI itself is simple and touch-based, with flick scrolling through lists and gesture support. The launcher comes up over apps without leaving them, and you can quit apps by just swiping upwards. It also uses a “deck of cards” metaphor for dealing with multiple applications. It also has the “Synergy” sync system which promises to  “automagically” manage your contacts regardless of where they are. You also get consolidated instant messaging from multiple services (unlike my BlackBerry which at the moment has FOUR IM CLIENTS on it). Typing on the keyboard brings up an instant search which pulls up apps, contacts, and even web queries. All apps have access to a popup notification system. All in all, it sounds neat.

UPDATE #3: The Palm Pre charges wirelessly. No, I’m not making that up. An option is something they call “The Touchstone” uses magnetic induction charging to keep your device charged. That’s sounds cool.

UPDATE #4: If you’re wondering why I haven’t listed a price, it’s because I can’t find a mention of one. WTF?

UPDATE #5: Palm’s stock just shot up over 13%. Sounds like the market likes this news.

UPDATE #6: The “Synergy” services inside the “Nova” OS works with the calendar services too.

UPDATE #7: Palm’s stock is currently up by 25%. The market REALLY likes this news.

UPDATE #8: Here are photos of the Palm Pre.

UPDATE #9: Palm’s stock is up way over 30% right now. Wow!

UPDATE #10: Palm’s website was just updated seconds ago. There’s also a press release for Palm’s “WebOS” as well as the Pre. I guess they dropped the “Nova” name for their OS as it was apparently an internal codename.

UPDATE #11: Palm’s stock closed up 34.85%. If you bought their stock in the last couple of days, you’ve just made a pile of money.

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