Obama Fighting To Keep His BlackBerry…. Boy Is He An Addict!

The word on the street is that President – Elect Barak Obama is a lover of the BlackBerry. So much so that he is refusing to give it up when he becomes President in a couple of weeks. This despite the fact that anything on it would become part of the public record:

“They’re going to pry it out of my hands,” he told CBNC about his BlackBerry, a cellphone made by Research In Motion Ltd that handles e-mail and has become an essential accessory for on-the-go movers and shakers.

Something like this has happened before. Obama’s predecessor (that would be George W. Bush) gave up e-mail when he became President. Of course that didn’t stop e-mail from becoming an issue in his administration.

So assuming he keeps his addiction BlackBerry, President Obama can PIN me anytime.

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