Arguments Erupt Over Jobs Departure

Dan Lyons who is better known as “Fake Steve Jobs” took on CNBC’s Jim Goldman over the temporary departure of  Steve Jobs.

Just to give you a quick history, Goldman has insisted that it was “politics, not pancreas” behind Apple’s decision to leave MacWorld according to “sources inside the company.” His “sources” repeated the info two weeks later in response to word (that came from that Jobs’ health was in fact not as good as he said it was. At the time Goldman declared: “Until Apple says something different, or I get my hands on something tangible and trustworthy, I’m taking the company at its word.” Yesterday, Goldman admitted to all on CNBC that he’s actually known for more than a week that Steve Jobs’ health issues were more complicated than Jobs and Apple initially revealed a week ago.

That’s led to this video. Take a look and enjoy:

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