Seagate Steps Up To Deal With Flakey Hard Drive Issues…. If We Could Only Get To The Fix… [UPDATED]

I guess that Seagate has decided to not be like Nvidia when it comes to their flakey hard drives that I posted about last week. Seagate has a support page set up to point customers to the resources they need to deal with the issue, plus they’re offering free data recovery services to those who have bricked hard drives. I was going to post links to the relevant documents, but when I try to go to them this is what I get:


Way to go Seagate. You have a some info and a fix, but you can’t get that info and fix to your customers because your knowledgebase has been Slashdotted. Awesome! Therefore I will post links from The Register and Gizmodo who broke this story. Those stories have links in them that should work. Eventually.

It’s amazing what happens when a bunch of pissed off people post their experiences about a company publicly. Then the story gets picked up and replicated all across the Interwebs. But, I will point this out. While I do applaud what Seagate has done to resolve the problem,¬† Seagate should have come out and dealt with this far earlier. Instead they denied the problem even existed, leaving everyone in the dark and with a bad taste in their mouth. Also, make sure that when you have a fix and updated info, you can get that info to your customers. Otherwise people like me will point out how half assed your response is that you need to step up your game.

Let this be a lesson to companies who have an problem. You’re not a bad guy for having a problem with your products and dealing with them in an up front manner. In fact, you’re a great guy when you do that. You only become a bad guy when you cover up your problems and lie to your customers.

UPDATE: This link to Seagate’s site seems to be working intermittently.

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  1. I managed to get the official ISO named MooseDT-32MB-SD1A.ISO but the code is broken and I’m unable, like many, to update the firmware for a 500GB model listed there…

    I get that “Wrong model” message despite the model+firmware match.

  2. I have two ST370330NS’s in my NAS box. I will have to pull them one at a time, put them in a PC and update the firmware and hope that the mirror does not break in the meantime. Grrr, argh. Of course, the new firmware is not ready yet.

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