Guess What?…. Seagate Might Soon Be Facing A Class Action Lawsuit

I’ve been saying for a while now that unless Seagate gets its act together, it may face a class action lawsuit. Guess what, a law firm named Kabateck Brown Kellner is looking at suing Seagate. Who are these guys? From their website:

Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP is one the nation’s foremost consumer law firms. We help individuals fight back against major corporations like Google, Farmer’s Insurance and Eli Lilly. Our attorneys have won $750 million for our clients in state and federal courts across the country. As a plaintiffs-only firm, we are always on the consumer’s side.

They’ve set up a special website for the Seagate drive issue and if you have one of these drives, they want to hear from you.

It truly sucks to be Seagate right about now.

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  1. I bought a POS FreeAgent in 7/15/2009. Quit in 10/28/2009. Computer freezes when you plug it in.

    It’s now on the shelf with it’s red-headed step-sister. All data lost; again. How much money is being

    wasted on all of these POS products? Printers with no drivers 4 OS? I’m sure we can all list

    something that’s been shelved. Are there any stats out there?

    DO NOT BUY SEAGATE!!!!!!!!!

    United States
    Latin America
    Mexico 1.800.SEAGATE (1.800.732.4283)

    250 GB PN 9ZA2A4 500
    SN 2GE29HY7 purchased 7-15-09 DOD 10-28-09 @ 10:53 pm

    OS Win XP SP3

    Failed seatools long & short tests. Is there any help from seagate to retrieve data from failed drives?

    Backup ur backup? Double negatives………..

    • Karl Niklas Says:

      Have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500G which failed withe the typical symptoms: drive is not recognized and all attempts to access my data was futile. At first I was worried only about my lost data but after reading the comments from so many other who have lost their data I really got upset. Looks like Seagate is digging in their heels and hope that this problem will blow over. They offer absolutely nothing to mitigate the consumers loss, financially and otherwise. Please sue them, it’s about time they are made to pay for their arrogance and aloofness regarding this issue. At this point I dont want a replacement or financial gain. That will not get my data back, but I do want Seagate to be held responsible with a HUGE FINE . I vote with my wallet and will not buy any of their product.

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