Seagate Offers Fix For Bricked Drives…. Are You Brave Enough To Try It? [UPDATED]

Last night, Seagate who has been in all sorts of hot water lately over hard drives that die and firmware that bricks functioning drives, released a fix for drives that are bricked as well as some other firmware updates for other drives. This updated knowledgebase article has the details, but here’s the key message:

While we believe that the vast majority of customers will not experience any disruption related to this issue, as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Seagate is offering a free firmware upgrade to proactively address those with potentially affected products. This new firmware upgrade corrects compatibility issues that occurred with the firmware download provided on our support website on Jan. 16. We regret any inconvenience that the firmware issues have caused our customers.

Okay. That’s great. But the question is, do you have the man sized balls guts to try this given how much of a mess this episode has been? If you do, please post a comment and let us know how it went.

UPDATE: Kudos to “Don” who had the man sized balls guts to try this out and according to his comments, it worked. Thanks to him for posting that info. Please keep the info coming.

4 Responses to “Seagate Offers Fix For Bricked Drives…. Are You Brave Enough To Try It? [UPDATED]”

  1. thanks for the update! It is kind of scary…

  2. I may try it later today. I have lots of time on my hands to rant if it f*^ks up my drive 🙂

  3. Interesting, they say my 750’s that are in my NAS do not need an upgrade unless I have a firmware less than SN06. Of course I have to pull them to find out. Grrr.

  4. Ok, just did it. It was quick and easy. There is a scan utility on the boot CD to find your drive and confirm the SN and firmware version. My ST3500320AS upgraded just fine. Feels snappier! LOL 🙂

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