iWork ’09 Trojan Makes The Rounds Via BitTorrent [UPDATED]

If you’re trying to acquire a pirated copy of iWork ’09 via BitTorrent for your Mac, I’d think twice about doing that. There’s a trojan that seems to be hitching a ride along with your “less than legal” copy of iWork ’09 that that appears to connect to a remote system and apparently sends commands to the infected machine to scan for sensitive information, track where the user goes on the Internet, record what the user types in, etc.

Two companies have stepped up to the plate to protect users. SecureMac has released a free iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool called iWorkServicesTrojanRemovalTool.dmg. Symantec has also released a free removal application that you can use if you’ve installed a pirated copy of iWork ’09. I’d be downloading one of these applications and using it now if you got your copy of iWork ’09 via BitTorrent ASAP.

Oh yeah, don’t download pirated software. The risk isn’t worth it to save a few bucks.

UPDATE: A variant of this trojan has now appeared in pirated copies of Photoshop on BitTorrent.

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