iPod/iPhone CES Pavilion Sells Out In Record Time… Then Quadruples To Include More Stuff…. MacWorld Is Toast

I think the writing is on the wall for MacWorld. This press release appeared today on the CEA site (the company who runs the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas) which has dire news if you like going to MacWorld:

“We have received an incredible response from companies interested in exhibiting in the iLounge Pavilion at the 2010 International CES,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, events and conferences, CEA. “In fact, the original space allocated for the pavilion sold out in less than one week – a CES show record – and we’ve quadrupled the space to accommodate the overwhelming demand. This exciting new CES Pavilion brings momentum to the consumer technology industry and reinforces the International CES as the global hub for the latest innovative technologies.”

Okay… Given that there’s going to be no Apple at next year’s MacWorld, this news from the CEA, and the fact that companies are not going to do two trade shows in the same month, there’s really little reason for Apple fanbois to go to San Fran next year. MacWord is doomed. Period. Although, I will point one thing out. To date, there is no indication that Apple themselves will show up at CES. So perhaps that’s something that may keep MacWorld alive.


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