Another Update On My Toyota Customer Service Issue [UPDATED]

I just got off the phone with my lawyer to update him on the issues as well as Toyota Canada. More on that in a second. But let’s get you up to date. We swapped the Yaris that we had as a loaner for a Corolla on Friday afternoon. It’s the CE trim level which I suspect is the one that Toyota sells the most of. This is what we like about it:

  • The engine sips gas, but has some balls behind it. That makes it great for highway driving, but friendly for your wallet.
  • It handles well and has a decent sized trunk.
  • It feels solid when you’re driving it.

But, here’s the downside to this vehicle. We noticed the following after we got it:

  • The passenger airbag off light in the center console is on when there is a passenger in the front passenger seat. It should turn the airbag on in that circumstance.
  • Sometimes, the passenger seatbelt light in the center console is flashing when no passenger is in the front passenger seat.
  • Sometimes, the passenger seatbelt light in the center console will flash and the airbag off light in the center console will be on when there is a passenger in the front passenger seat and the seatbelt is fastened.
  • A couple of times, the SRS malfunction light would pop up on the dash.

It sounds like this car has an issue with the airbag system which doesn’t exactly do much to enhance my confidence in Toyota products at the moment. I mentioned it to Toyota Canada today and I will bring it up with the dealer when I speak to them. As an aside, the Corolla is built in the same plant as the Matrix. That’s something to think about.

In terms of where things stand with the Matrix, it clearly seems that Toyota Canada is looking at the electronics as we were asked by Toyota Canada if we had put any aftermarket stuff into the car (the answer is no). I will get an update later today, but Toyota Canada is having the dealer look at the wiring in the car in great detail. Also, they’re not convinced that the part that is on order is going to solve the problem. I have the feeling that this could take a while.

Perhaps I will receive better news this afternoon.

UPDATE: I actually received some good news. The dealership isolated the problem to a problematic wire in the wiring harness. The Toyota Canada rep says they replaced the wire, but more likely they replaced the harness. They are going to drive our car for a couple of days to confirm that it is fixed, but they have been unable to reproduce the problem since making the change. Also in terms of the Corolla, we were told that if we’re not comfortable driving the car given that there seems to be an issue with the airbag system, they’ll swap it for something else. At this point if we get the car back Tuesday or Wednesday, we’ll just live with it and let them deal with it when we return it.

I’m actually starting to feel that there may be a light at the end of this tunnel after all.

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