Another Mac Clonemaker Appears And Claims To Be Immune From The iLawyers

A German company called PearC has appeared and claims to have found a way around Apple’s end user license agreements so that they can legally sell this clone Mac. By the way, the text below is a rough German to English Translation:

The core of his argument: The user experience of Apple’s ban on Mac OS X on non-Apple computers to install, only after he has purchased the operating system. The Terms of stuck in the software package, you can before you open the same not be viewed. Hypermeganet assumes, therefore, that the product (meaning the Mac-clone) in Germany is legal. “

Good luck with that as I am pretty sure that Acting Apple God CEO Tim Cook and the army of iLawyers at his command don’t agree with that. So far there’s no word from Apple as to what they think of this, but I’d be betting that we’ll be hearing from them soon enough.

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