Mac Clonemaker Knows That Their Days Are Numbered… Unlike Those Other Clonemakers….

You might recall that I have posted about PearC previously, and they thought that they were somehow immune to the iLawyers. Well according to the New York Times, reality has kicked them in the ass sunk in as they realize that the iLawyers might be at their doorstep at any time:

“Our PearC computers are for anyone who needs a fast machine, but does not need a good looking computer. We know the product does not have a long life time but we do not fear Apple.”

They still plan on selling their clone Macs until the iLawyers show up, and they still think they’re on the right side of this fight.  At least he’s more realistic than those deluded people at Psystar who’s legal arguments sometimes makes me wonder what drugs they’re using.

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