Bell Canada Says That If It Doesn’t Get Its Way, It Won’t Upgrade…. What A Bunch Of Losers!

Recently, Bell Canada was told by the CRTC that as it upgraded their networks it had to give competitors fair access to those upgrades as well. That was a great decision at the time because ISP’s that use Bell’s networks have typically been shut out of getting access to things like ADSL 2+ for example. Which basically gave Bell an advantage in the marketplace.

Now Bell has decided to appeal this decision and if it doesn’t get its way… Well, read for yourself:

In making its decision, the CRTC ignored the fact that such extensive wholesale regulation discourages the development of new, multi-billion-dollar, state-of-the-art network technologies. By inhibiting investments in next-generation networks, the CRTC decision would create a new urban digital divide – in stark contrast to the government’s own policy priorities for the Canadian economy.

That translates to “If you don’t reverse your decision, we’re not spending money on our network and everybody will suffer.”

Of course, the only reason why Bell would act like this is that they don’t want competition from other ISP’s. Hopefully the CRTC grows a pair sees through this and tells Bell that they’re out to lunch.

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