IBM To Buy Sun? We Shall See…

The New York Times has a detailed piece on rumors that IBM might purchase Sun Microsystems.  That would be huge if this actually happned as it would give IBM control of the Solaris operating system as well as JAVA which is used on everything from cell phones to enterprise servers. It would also make IBM #2 in the UNIX marketplace behind HP.

Of course, this all assumes that an anti-trust challenge doesn’t get served up by the feds the second this happens.

The other concern is duplication in their product lines. I can’t see a merged company running duplicate lines of hardware and software. The best example of this is the HP/Compaq train wreck. That merged company got Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX. Customers on the Tru64 UNIX platform were told to migrate to HP-UX. Some didn’t and took their business elsewhere.

With Sun and IBM, they’ve got to choose between either a massive duplication of effort, or pick one of Solaris/AIX, MySQL/DB2, SPARC/POWER, Galaxy/iSeries, Storagetek (including the ZFS-based products like Thumper/Amber Road)/IBM storage, Websphere/Glassfish, Netbeans/Eclipse – the list goes on.

I wouldn’t want to be the guy making those decisions as you can be guarnteed that some customers are going to get ticked at the end of the day.

2 Responses to “IBM To Buy Sun? We Shall See…”

  1. I interpreted: “IBM to buy the Sun”.

    I had no idea that the real estate market had bottomed out so badly.

  2. Never mind what will happen to OpenOffice, VirtualBox and Netbeans!

    I don’t want to use Eclipse again!

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