RIM To Planet: We Don’t Really Record Employee Phone Calls…. Ok….Right… Sure….

Remember when RIM said that it recorded “everything” that employees did? They’ve now backed away from that. Now through a PR droid employee, RIM says that they have the capability to record voice calls. However they don’t actively do that:

“Robin Bienfait’s comments were intended to describe a capability that exists with RIM’s BlackBerry MVS technology that allows companies to record both voice- and data-based conversations which is particularly useful for RIM’s customers in regulated industries that require such ability,” they wrote.

“Ms. Bienfait did not intend to suggest that RIM itself records employee phone calls…I have now confirmed that RIM does not record employee phone calls.”

Alright then. Glad to have that cleared up. Well, actually no. It isn’t cleared up for me. This was the original quote:

Everything I have that’s on RIM is recorded and retained as RIM. So if they want to have a chat with somebody and it’s not a chat that’s within RIM’s domain, then they may want their own personal device,” she said.

When asked exactly whether it was conversations, rather than just written information she kept tabs on, Bienfait answered: “Everything. I record everything.”

That seems a fair distance from what they’re saying now, to that quote from almost 2 weeks ago. I’m beginning to wonder is this simply isn’t damage control rather than a “clarification” of the facts.

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