Psystar Releases Sexy Looking Mac Clone…. Too Bad The iLawyers Will Destroy Them

Dubbed the Open(3), Psystar has ditched the low rent look of their Mac Clones and come up with something cool and sexy looking. It comes out of the box with a Core 2 Duo (or Quad) processor, 500GB HD, Nvidia 8400GS graphics chip, and 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Of course OS X is preinstalled and you get all of this for $600 US.

Not bad.

Too bad that Apple’s iLawyers are going to destroy this company in fairly short order. Perhaps Psystar should spend more time circling their legal wagons rather than coming out with new computers? After all, if they lose their legal battle (which they will), it doesn’t matter that their computers are starting to look cool.

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