BlackBerry Is The Smartphone Of Choice For Criminals Says CBC

According to the CBC, if you’re up to no good and you need to make sure that the cops can’t find out about your evil activities, there’s only one thing to do. Go out and get yourself a BlackBerry along with BlackBerry Enterprise Server:

The problem is that BlackBerry smartphones, designed by Waterloo, Ont.-based Research In Motion initially for corporate clients, run software called the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that creates a secure and private network and encrypts data.

Police say criminals are using additional layers of encryption with other types of software, bringing the encryption level up to military grade.

As a result of this. Canadian cops want backdoors put into the software and devices so that they can spy on the “evil doers” when required:

Liberal MP Marlene Jennings said police have been asking for years for legislation that would force internet and wireless providers to use technology that can be tapped.

“Law enforcement needs it, Canadians need it; it’s an essential tool for the battle against crime,” she told CBC News Tuesday.

This really sounds like a rehash of the India vs. RIM circus from last year. Besides, the reason why people love the BlackBerry is that besides being like a powerful drug that gets you addicted to e-mail, it is secure. People who care about that will ditch the Blackberry if backdoors are added to the devices and software:

“There’s obviously many businesses that are willing to use these devices because they’re comfortable with the security attached to them,” said [Michael] Geist, who holds a Canada Research Chair of internet and e-commerce law.

“Many individuals, as well, I think, would be reluctant to use mobile email devices if there was concern that third parties might be able to access it.”

The Canadian government better think long and hard about how best to handle this, or they may end up killing a big Canadian success story.

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