Microsoft Goes After Apple In A Big Way….. The Fanbois Strike Back

Microsoft who is likely sick of getting punted around in Mac vs. PC ads has launched this ad last night. The premise: A cute in a quirky sort of way woman who I wouldn’t mind getting into bed is sent to look for computer with a 17″ screen for under $1000.  If she can find it, Microsoft will pay for it. Here’s the ad:

It’s an interesting premise and already it’s generated a reaction from the Apple Fanbois. One fanboi via Gizmodo has offered Lauren his 17″ Mac Powerbook laptop:

I recently watched the new PC ad on television the other night about “Lauren” purchasing a laptop for under $1000.00. It was a great advertisement targeting everyday PC users. My only concern is that I feel the computer “Lauren” chose will not provide an overall positive experience. I am asking for your assistance to help me locate “Lauren”. I am willing to give her my 17″ Mac laptop “FOR FREE” so she can decide which laptop is superior without putting a price tag on it.

Good luck with that dude. It looks like she’s gone to the PC side of the fence.

Oh, the assault on Apple continues online as well. I took a surf to the New York Times website and saw this:


Note the banner ad above the masthead. Web surfers can spin a wheel and compare what they can buy for the same amount of money. In each case, users can get a Mac and, say, pocket lint, or they can get a PC and two other things of value.

That’s very agressive.

Expect an Apple ad out shortly to counter this as acting God CEO Tim Cook is unlikely to let this go unchallenged.

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