Gizmodo Finds Microsoft’s Lauren….. Surprise, She’s An Actress

You might remember Lauren, you know the strangely cute in a quirky way woman who I’d screw into the mattress if given the chance was in a Microsoft commercial buying a 17″ laptop for under a $1000? Well, it turns out she’s an SAG eligible actress (which means that she is pretty established in the industry) according to Gizmodo:

According to her official website, “Lauren” (who is really Lauren De Long) “booked what she thought was a “Market and Research” job regarding laptops. But that’s not all she booked…actually Lauren found out they were shooting a national commercial! Tears, laughter and excitement greeted this new development.”

Paging through her website is an interesting experience. She looks hot way better on the web than in the Microsoft commercial which makes me want to bang her even more. So I wonder why they made her look kind of quirky for the commercial which in no way detracted from my desire to bang her.  In any case, this just crushed what little credibility the Microsoft ad had (Yeah, I know. Microsoft and credibility in the same sentence is an oxymoron). In the process, a star has been born….. At least for the next 15 minutes.

Oh by the way, she can’t talk about her experiences with the HP laptop because according to this post, she signed an NDA. How, convenient….

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