iPhone And BlackBerry To Get Skype

Surprise! The iPhone version of Skype will be hitting the streets tomorrow and the BlackBerry version will be hitting the streets in May. It only works over WiFi and requires you to have a headset to use it (rather than using the phone’s internal microphone and speaker), but it is interesting.

News.com took a good look at it and they do point out some missing features:

Skype left a few more skills out of its maiden iPhone voyage. SMS, setting up a conference calling group, purchasing SkypeOut credit directly, and being able to field a second incoming Skype call are a few. File transferring and getting Skype voicemail native on the phone are two more. We expect to see at least two of these added in the next version, but we’ll hope for more.

If anybody tries this out, please leave a comment and let us know.

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