83% Of Businesses Won’t Move To Windows 7 For At Least A Year….. Microsoft, You Have A Problem

You might recall that in this article about mainstream support for XP ending, I said the following:

“…..Plus if Windows 7 isn’t the home run that they think it is going to be, then they’ll have to scramble to keep the revenue stream going. That means XP.”

It seems that I might have called that one. A survey of more than 1100 IT professionals seems to paint a rather gloomy picture for the son of Vista Windows 7:

The survey, of more than 1,100 IT professionals, is one of the first extensive looks at Windows 7’s early sales prospects. It found that a whopping 83% of enterprises plan to skip the OS in its first year. While the business market typically tends toward caution when it comes to new products, the figure is nonetheless surprising given that almost no large companies migrated to Vista and as a result most have been using XP much longer than planned.

Ouch. You have to imagine that when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reads this, a chair or two will will be tossed in anger. This picture actually gets worse for Microsoft:

The news for Microsoft doesn’t get much better in Windows 7’s sophomore season. Less than half of the IT pros surveyed, 42%, said their organizations planned to deploy Windows 7 within 12 to 24 months of release. 24% said they would wait 24 to 36 months, and 17% said they would wait more than 36 months to migrate to Windows 7.

If those numbers are even half way accurate, I would expect to see XP rise from the grave to save the day… Again. The real question is why do these people feel this way? The answers won’t surprise you:

“The majority of participants do not plan to upgrade to Windows 7 in the next year. Economic factors are contributing to the delay in Windows 7 adoption for almost half of all participants. Software compatibility is the most frequently cited concern with Windows 7,” notes the study…

With Apple starting to gain marketshare as people ditch their Windows computers and head to the Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Stores for a MacBook or iMac, not to mention gains from LINUX and other options in the open source community, I seriously doubt that the PC market can afford another stillborn OS from Microsoft.

The question is, is anybody in Redmond listening?

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