iTunes 8.1 Screws Over 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle Users

If you’ve got a second generation iPod Shuffle, you may want to put off upgrading to the latest version of iTunes. That’s because Apple’s latest version of iTunes causes a number of issues for owners of these iPods and Apple’s own discussion boards are littered with the postings of pissed off users. The symptoms are:

  • It dupes existing files on the iPod
  • It copies podcasts out-of-order
  • It doesn’t remove deleted podcasts,
  • It won’t play when connected to the computer
  • It has issues with Smart playlists

Perhaps this is a not so subtle hint sent by “The Steve” that these users should buy the third generation iPod Shuffle? Or perhaps this is an oversight in the rush to get the third generation iPod Shuffle out the door? Either way, Apple better come up with a fix for this fast. Until then, downgrade to iTunes 8.

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