Bell Canada Screws Its DSL Resellers Even More By Introducing Usage Based Billing

The Circus never ends. Customers of Canadian ISP Teksavvy received an e-mail from the ISP with the following info:

Bell provides TekSavvy with last mile, wholesale DSL access services, which TekSavvy uses to provide you with your Internet access. If Bell were to be allowed to introduce UBB on this service, a cap of 60GB would be imposed on all of its users, with very heavy penalties per Gigabyte afterwards (multiple times more than our current per Gigabyte rate of $0.25/GB on overages). This would inherently all but remove Unlimited internet services in Ontario/Quebec and potentially cause large increases in internet costs from month to month.

How craptastic. It seems that Bell Canada is intent on driving its DSL resellers out of business by any means. As if throttling them isn’t enough. I guess that competing fairly in the marketplace isn’t something that Bell Canada is interested in. But of course Bell Canada has a much different spin on this:

“The implementation of usage-based billing for this wholesale service represents but a further appropriate step in the evolution of pricing to reflect the realities of the Companies’ need to manage capacity on their networks,” said Denis Henry, Bell Aliant’s vice-president of regulatory and government affairs, and David Palmer, Bell Canada’s director of regulatory affairs, in a joint submission.

Of course the fact that every time Bell Canada and others have been asked to prove that they need exists to manage their networks, they fail to prove that the need exists. So this is just BS.

The question is, will the CRTC do anything about it. Perhaps Canadians should call or e-mail their MP and let them know that this nonsense with Bell Canada must end and consumers must be protected.

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