Seagate Ships Low Power Drive Just In Time For Earth Day

Seeing as this is Earth Day, I guess Seagate decided that today was a great day to release their answer to Western Digital’s Green drives. Let me introduce you to the Seagate Barracuda LP drives:

The Seagate Barracuda LP hard drive, a 3.5-inch 5900RPM drive, is available in capacities of 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB. The new hard drive family helps reduce product costs for makers of low-power personal computers, external PC storage and multiple-drive home networking SOHO systems by allowing them to use lighter-duty fans, power supplies and other system components.

5900 RPM? That’s a weird number as most desktop hard drives either run at 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM. But for Seagate, that’s the number one method for getting the most power savings out of the drive. I guess for somebody who doesn’t need the speed, that’s fine. At least they come in huge sizes so that you have lots of room for your porn and MP3’s data.

I should note that I recently got the Western Digital 1TB Green drives with an 8MB cache for my D Link NAS box (they were on sale at my local computer store, so I figured why not). While it’s not as fast as the 500MB Seagate’s that I pulled out of the NAS box, it does have Western Digital’s IntelliPower algorithm which varies the rotational speed between 5400RPM and 7200RPM, rather than run at 5900 RPM like the Seagate drives. I think it’s a good drive for my needs and I can say I’ve done my part for the environment.

I’d love get some feedback from anybody who gets one of these Seagate low power drives as to how good they are. Please post a comment and share your experience.

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