Time Warner Cable Hints That Network Updgrades Won’t Come Because Users Don’t Like Usage Based Billing

If Time Warner Cable really wants to piss users off, I think they’ve succeeded. These geniuses who came up with a usage based billing scheme, only to back down when it’s customers went ballistic, have now started dropping hints via Alex Dudley’s (VP Public Relations for Time Warner Cable) Twitter feed that planned network speed upgrades are going to be shelved because of the consumer backlash over usage based billing. Just look at some of these comments:

@gigastacey it was scheduled as part of cbb trial, but we all know how you feel about that.

@netpro2k It doesn’t…just that the rollout was scheduled with the trial and now all of it is on hold.

@Stryph Biggest cost is actually bandwidth allocation.

BTW, CBB is Consumption Based Billing which is Time Warner speak for Usage Based Billing.

This Alex Dudley guy has got to be the worst PR droid person since Bell Canada’s Jason Laszlo. If he thinks that his comments aren’t going to cause a backlash, he’s smoking crack. Somebody really needs to smack these idiots into reality. In the meantime my advice is that if Time Warner Cable is going to act like this, it’s time for their customers to change their Internet provider. After all, nothing changes the behaviour of a company like the loss of income.

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