Apple Takes Aim At Microsoft Laptop Ads…. And Every Other Problem With PCs

Clearly acting Apple God CEO Tim Cook has had enough of the Microsoft laptop ads. Since he’s a marketing guy I was sure that he’d respond to them in some way, and respond he has. Three new “Get A Mac” ads hit the airwaves last night. The first one is called “Customer Care” and it highlights Apple’s perceived advantage in that department.

Oh wait. According to Consumer Reports, Apple crushes the competition when it comes to tech support. So maybe that perception is fact.

Next is “PC Choice Chat” which has the PC character trying to answer questions about what PC to get on a radio show. This one presses the fact that if you want a trouble free computer, you need to buy a Mac.

Finally, there “Elimination” which is a direct attack on the Microsoft laptop ads.

I’m guessing that Microsoft is wishing that it never put those ads out seeing how much trouble they’re causing the company. Perhaps they’ll think twice in the future and focus their efforts on putting out products that people want to buy rather then trying to bash the competition.

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