MacOS X 10.5.7 Is Out…. And Causes Me Grief For An Hour

Yesterday afternoon, Apple released MacOS X 10.5.7 to the hordes of fanbois waiting for this latest update to the Apple operating system that has been blessed by the most holy one known as  Steve Jobs.

That’s when the fun began.

Normally, I usually wait a day or two before jumping into the fire, but I had some time to kill and most importantly I had a current backup from the night before. So I figured why not. I downloaded the combo updater version of the updater and installed it. It finished installing about five minutes later. Then it tried to reboot the machine and got stuck at a blue screen. No not THAT blue screen. Just a light blue screen that would occasionally flicker as if it was trying to do something. I’ve been around long enough that I figured that if I left it alone it would fix itself. But it didn’t after 20 minutes of waiting. That’s when I hopped onto another computer and started Googling and came across this post on the Apple Discussion Boards. Apparently I am not alone in experiencing this issue, but I did follow the advice that the post gave which was to use the power button to shut down the computer and turn it back on. It rebooted three times (normally an update reboots your computer twice) before I got to a login prompt. I then repaired the permissions and all seems fine. I have rebooted my Mac a couple times since then and I have not seen any issues.

So if you dare, the Mac users out there can download the 10.5.7 update and try your luck at updating your system. But if I were you, I’d wait a few days to make sure all the bugs are ironed out. Oh, make sure you have a current backup. I didn’t need mine, but you might not be as lucky.

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  1. Feels snappier! 🙂

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