Palm Pre To Launch In June… At Least That’s What The New York Times Says….

For those of you waiting with anticipation for the arrival of the Palm Pre, the New York Times says that the much hyped smart phone will hit the streets in early June. Plus they state this:

Palm, a once-iconic device maker that has fallen on hard times, has been hyping the Pre for months as an iPhone killer, but the company has given few peeks to analysts and reviewers. Analysts say the stakes are high for Sprint Nextel, which has exclusive rights to the phone in the United States, but even higher for Palm, which is based in Silicon Valley.

“This is make or break for Palm,” said Mr. Wolf, noting that Palm, also the maker of Treo and Centro phones, lost about $98 million in the last quarter, consistent with losses in other recent quarters. “It’s not make or break for Sprint, but clearly Sprint is in trouble, too, and needs a hit.”

I guess that validates my thought that this is a hail Mary for Palm. Although Palm denies it:

Lynn Fox, a spokeswoman for Palm, played down the importance of the Pre itself, saying it was the first “in a long line” of devices that will use Palm’s new mobile operating system. “The Pre isn’t a bet-the-company device,” Ms. Fox said.

Sure. Right. I’m calling it now. If this flops, Palm is screwed. This is an all in moement for them whether they want to admit it or not. In any case, We’ll see in a few weeks if Palm survives to play another hand, or they go bust.

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