Fired Globalive Employee Leaks Phone And Pricing Details…But Globalive Says They’re Fake….Something Is Fishy Here….

A “fired Globalive employee” has posted sometimes blurry but still useful pictures of their launch details on Howard Forums. Not only will they have cool phones at launch time, but their rates are actually affordable. No just by Canadian standards, but by ANY standard (seeing as Canada has some of the highest wireless phone rates in the world). I then remembered that Globalive has a site where they post details about their upcoming service and found this posting that says that what’s posted on Howard Forms is fake:

Today there is a document posted on Howardforums that claims to be a Globalive Wireless presentation to clarify the situation that is not our document. There is a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about our plans and rates but this false document certainly takes it to the next level – and certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm out there!!

The reality is, we have yet to make any decisions with respect to our final offerings.

It gets better. Check out this part:

That being said, what do you think about the plans being discussed on Howardforums:

Here’s what I think since you asked:

  1. Launch details get “leaked”, then Globalive denies that they are accurate but solicits feedback anyway. My first thought is that this is a marketing tactic designed to allow Globealive to tweak everything perfectly so that they have an offering that really gets customers to defect from incumbent wireless telcos. If that’s what they’re doing, it’s an interesting marketing tactic.
  2. Let’s assume that something in the neighborhood to what’s posted on Howard Forums is what Globalive goes with. This will be huge for the Canadian wireless landscape. The plans are amazing.  Once consumers get a look at these prices, Rogers, Bell and Telus will have a hard time holding onto customers.
  3. SIM cards will allegedly only work in Globalive handsets. So that implies that I can’t bring my own unlocked handset to Globalive. That’s really craptastic.

Perhaps Canadian wireless users would like to comment on the posting with their thoughts. Plus I’d love to get a comment from Globalive as well.

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