I Hate Rogers…. I REALLY Hate Rogers

I got my Rogers bill last night and my blood pressure went through the roof. Why? Here’s why:

  • I had called into Rogers a couple of months ago to change both my wife and my cell phones to a cheaper value pack that incuded voice mail, call display, and text messaging. They only did the change to one phone, not both.
  • We got a HD box back in February with one year of the rental fee waived. Part of the deal was that we would not be charged for the first pay per view movie. If you want proof of that, Rogers HD users only have to check page 22 of the Personal TV Users guide to see that new Personal TV customers are entitled to a free movie within 60 days of the installation of their Personal TV services. In our case, we got charged for the ONLY pay per view item that we’ve ever watched.

The sad part is that when we got the HD box and we made the changes to the cell phones, we were expecting something like this to happen as it has been my experience that if you change anything with your Rogers services, they will find a way to screw it up.

So I phoned their billing department to explain the situation and get it sorted out. Too bad the first place that I ended up was the billing department for CORPORATE customers after waiting in a queue for a couple of minutes. So into another queue I go and after five minutes I get the right department. The easy part was to get our pay per view movie credited back (Oh yeah, she hinted that this happens all the time. Which makes me think that most people don’t get the free movie that they’re promised. But I have no way to prove that… even though I’m likely right). The hard part was the value packs on the cell phones. The call center rep told me that not only did my cell phone never got the change that I requested, but my wife’s phone got the wrong value pack added as apparently she got a value pack intended for smart phones and not for regular cell phones. She also said that she had no clue how anyone could have added that value pack to her cell phone as the system is supposed to stop errors like this. Clearly whatever process they have to stop stupidity like this doesn’t work as they clearly added the wrong value pack to my wife’s phone. So the call center rep put me on hold while she went off to sort all of this out. Eventually she came back and said that everything was sorted out.

Total time on the phone: Almost 30 minutes.

That would be 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back. But it’s par for the course when dealing with Rogers as they have a reputation of screwing up stuff and not having the best customer service.

It must be really expensive for Rogers to screw up like this and then have to fix it later. One wonders why they can’t put an effort into doing it right the first time as that would be cheaper IMHO. There is talk of a “Consumers Bill Of Rights” that Rogers wants to put into place to improve customer service, but in my mind that’s a bit too late. Just look at the reaction on DSL reports to this idea. Clearly people are skeptical that Rogers can improve their customer service, and quite frankly so am I. That’s why my wife and I haven’t taken advantage of any hardware upgrades in terms of our cell phones as we’re just waiting until companies like Globalive come on line as they can’t be any worse than Rogers. We’re also considering moving our TV to Bell and we’re working through our condo association to get Bell ExpressVu for Condos installed.

I’ve really had enough of Rogers and their inability to get things right on the first try. So I’ll take my business to a company that can.

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  1. kcrannie Says:

    I’m just waiting for Bell to upgrade our building, which currently is VDSL, so that, I can get Bell HDTV. Until such time, I’m stuck with Rogers for HDTV.

  2. I hate Rogers so much I would rather do business with Bell. Actually Rogers is the new Bell. They suck, Period. Morally backrupt companies like them who treat cusotmers like crap deserve to go bankrupt.

    It must be sad for poor old Ted to think his masterpiece has turned into the very company he hated and competed with all his life. Sad.

  3. There is a lot of truth to this, which is (I think) why many traditional marketers struggle.

  4. I think I may have set one of the records of being on hold and talking to 3 different customer reps, total time:

    1 and 1/2 HOURS.

    I am still traumatized by the amount of explaining that I had to do to tell rogers my situation and make the reps fix a previous reps’ errors! This was not my fault, but Rogers fault!!

    It also had to do with changing my monthly plan, but it did not have to do with downgrading, but UPGRADING. And they messed it up. I upgraded our old plans to new ones that was supposed to have 50 more minutes included than what I got and included text messaging, which never were. And they put me on a 3-year contract wtihout telling me, which is illegal. Each customer rep that I spoke with was polite and understanding (excpet one, which ironically was in the retentions department, the highest level of customer service when you are about to leave Rogeres. You remember these ones as her b*tchiness completely unnerved me), and each one confirmed they will reset my contract back to the original date, and each one also said that this should have not happened.

    The only reason that I knew each rep did not “really” fix the error because when I called back with a different problem, I made them tell me the date my contract was supposed to expire, and each time it was different!

    Shame on you Rogers!

    More proof that Rogers violated a contract: now they charge all customers for REVEIVED text messages starting August 2009. I am on a contract that includes received text messages free-of-charge that has not expired yet and they are supposed to at least notify you in writing with any changes to your contract in advance (even this is disputable since what you agreed to upon entering your contract stays for the entire length of the contract). This I have yet to bring to their attention.

    I think this is enough encouragement to be really enthusiastic when Globalive/Wind Mobile is available.

    By the way, we have ALL of our services with Rogers (cable, internet, phone, cell, you name it!) and have spent over a whopping $30,000 with them over the last 7 years when our monthly costs are added!!!!

    This is unbelievable.

    I feel like crawling under a rock and just wallowing in misery until I find a better carrier.

  5. Me and about 10 others I know hate Rogers. Their customer service sucks! They hire people who have no clue what they’re doing. They offered me a new cell phone package which sounded really good so I said okay to it. What they neglected to tell me was that my current term which was to end in 1-1/2 years was increased by another year. So I’m stuck with them for a longer time!!!! As soon as that is done, I’m out. I wish I was still with Bell.

    • soooooo silly!!!!!
      i am a rogers customer care rep! of course if you agree to a new device Rogers will extend your contract , think about that. Nothing is free in this world!
      If you cant handle sales pressure dont say yes!

      Its not all rogers fault its customers not taking the time to educate themselves!

      • But it is Rogers fault that they hard sell clients when they’re making support calls.

        “Oh what’s that you have a complaint? Well here let me do this really wonderful thing for you, but I’ll have to extend your contract for 3 years”

        “What’s that?”

        “It’s done, you’re now paying $5 less per month! How exciting!”

        Rogers is just a bunch of weasels.

        How about instead of forcing customers to use Rogers, they try, oh I don’t know, making them happy and making them into committed clients.

      • Trent McClung Says:

        I don’t care how long ago you posted this message Amanda but go F**K yourself, i’d spit in your face if I knew you, and have fun being a cust. service rep you waste of a f**kin human. By the way how do you afford your phone on min. wage you broke ass bitch!
        PS This one is free!

      • Fuck u thr rogers rep u bitch!! Customers trust their carriers for wat they are saying and u bitch say ppl shud educate themselves?? Wow no wonder ur a rogers rep u moran !!!!! Wat education do u have ? Workin for rogers all u neef is mouth full of lies and trick not customer service

      • I believe some of us is more educated than you Amanda, we don’t work for Rogers cust. rep. Some of us manage supply chain all over Europe for GSK. I think Rogers need to hire more educated people to do customer rep, because that is Rogers biggest problem, their customer rep. is all f* in the head and pissed so many people off by not doing what the customer requested but instead they tricked customer into trap of hidden fees or contract extension… Get your degree and quit Rogers, it will only dehumanizing you.

      • Amanda, tell us, are you coached in how to lie by and for Rogers? My issue with Rogers is not the occasional error by its employees, but the bald faced lies. And the policy of thieving is kinda an issue, too.

        People should educate themselves? You’re sure a brainwashed piece of work, aren’t you? If I had the related education to protect myself from Rogers legal staff and morally bankrupt policies, I’d either be suing the SOBs or working for them. Like most people, I DON’T HAVE THE TIME OR ENERGY to put toward such an insignificant part of my life. So, at a certain point one must take the plunge and assume that one is being dealt with honestly. And that is just what Rogers is hoping for.

        Rogers IS the most utterly despicable company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Even their video rental stores had that unmistakeable Rogers stink about them.

        I am with another cell provider now and treat them with suspicion. I tell them why I so lack trust, that I was previously with Rogers.

        Take heed all who are considering getting in bed with these lying, thieving gangsters. ANY OTHER CHOICE IS A BETTER ONE, IMHO.

      • Oneforjoe Says:

        I have taken so much time educating myself with Rogers its crazy. Every month I have to call for one thing or another and the service sucks. Finally done and going to Bell this month. Note that you now no longer have to give Rogers a 30 day notice thanks to our government. Yeah…..they did something right for a change.

      • in reply to sales rep u are nothing but con artist u con seniors in for five dollar then u say we got that one lets do it again I just want to no when will the government going to realise that we elect them to run our country we don’t elect roger other wise all we have to do is go to roger center and put our x on the ballot

      • Sedate Me Says:

        “If you can’t handle the sales pressure (,) don’t say (“)Yes!(“) -Amanda

        You claim her comment is silly. Your comment is just plain stupid. If you can’t handle sales pressure, you say “Yes!” to it. If you could handle the sales pressure, you would have said “NO!” to it. “No” is the default position that must be overcome with sales pressure to turn it into a “yes”. That’s what sales pressure is all about, pushing shit on people they didn’t want until they cave.

        I guess we have yet another Rogers employee who has ZERO clue what they are doing.

        As for education, in the years since this thread started, information on Rogers (cable TV in particular) has dried up to virtually nothing at all. I just wasted an hour on their website trying to find out why a channel of mine just disappeared without warning. Maybe it got de-listed, or switched packages. A simple check on their website should tell me. But No!!!!

        The website is a rat-maze that doesn’t even function properly. It gives you no details other than how easy it would be to put your entire life under Rogers leaky umbrella, how “It puts the world at your fingertips” and “ignites”…What? Your wallet, I presume. My mortgage costs less a month than your average bundle!

        You used to see every package, every channel in them and what you could order stand-alone. Now, all you get are ever-changing package names without a list of the channels in them. They give you introductory-rate pricing with no way of knowing what you’re supposed to be getting. They only thing you will learn is that whatever shit they’re pitching is “The greatest, most futuristic, kewlist, radist, most in-demand thing in the history of the universe!” and that it will make you stream in your pants!

        If I could take my pick of 5-6 cable-only channels with me, I’d gleefully go back to aerial TV. Unlike every other option, it doesn’t track, abuse, or put me on hold for 4 hours. It always works…and it’s for FREE!

  6. I hate Rogers and did this short

  7. Fuck rogers Says:

    I hate Rogers more than any other company in this world. They seriously suck. There should be a blog just on Rogers and how much everyone hates them. Fuck you Rogers and die!!

    • ihaterogers Says:

      Dear Mr. Mohammed,

      I am absolutely appalled by the comments I have recently heard from your staff.

      Particularly the comment where I was told that there is a note on my file that says no more credits for this customer. This is probably in response form me calling your head office to get in touch with your executive staff to straighten ongoing billing issues out. Boy did this guy make a mistake.

      I have been a loyal customer of Rogers for over 20 years now.

      I even worked for Rogers when the amigo line came out and have had various accounts with Rogers since then.

      I pay approximately $3000 dollars per year for services with Rogers.

      I am disgusted by this stance that Rogers has taken with me and I intend to fight back tooth and nail.

      I cannot believe the audacity your company has after so many long years of loyal commitment to your organization.

      I asked for a free upgraded SIM card so that I can use the new data plan that I just purchased form your company at a further rate of $30 dollars per year a total of $360 dollars per year. I have even been told by your staff that you do not need my business.

      Needles to say I am absolutely disgusted.

      I will do everything in my power to influence all my family members and friends to change services within the next year.

      You may not care about the loss of my $3000 per year but I guarantee you it will hurt when you your bottom lines are reduced by $30,000 then $300,000 and eventually in the millions.

      Regardless to say I am going to terminate my agreement with your company effective immediate.

      Truly, it’s your company’s loss.

      Think about how many competitors you have now. Maybe instead of alienating your customers with your old hard line tactics you should reconsider and create a new Rogers to get with the times.

      Yes wireless is the future and Ted Rogers saw that, but not with the current attitude.

      Regardless I don’t care, easy come easy go, Your Fired !!

  8. shuttlewerks Says:

    Hi: I am doing short animations which show various aspects of dealing with Rogers in a negative light. I use the BRICK wall as metaphor for their service department. I seem to be getting a lot of hits. Most are less than 40 seconds.
    Keep up the good work. They all stink but Rogers really seems to get under ones skin. I think everything is run by AT&T anyway.

  9. Competition is the key. We have to demand for legislation change so foreign companies can provide the same service. There is nothing that can bring prices down and increase the quality of service as the competition. I have seen that happens in other countries. People in developing countries are using wireless services far more advanced than canadians and are paying less. I think that canadians are really screwed regarding the quality and prices offered by monopolists like rogers, bell etc. We need competition!

    • Wireless Guy Says:

      Interesting thought.

      However, I disagree with the fact that we need to loosen legislation on allowing foreign companies run the show in Canada – even if it does mean competition. We need more government grants and funding for programs for new entrant Canadian service providers so that they can stand a chance against existing too-big-to-fail type service providers like Rogers.

      Also, Canada has the highest squre mile radius per capita than any other county. That means more cell phone towers with a much less return on investment per tower than in any other county because fewer people will use it. If canada was the size of GTA we wouldn’t have that problem but it isn’t. It’s vast and great. Exactly how I like it. Ultimately Canadians will pay more for wireless services untill there is a major improvement on wireless ranges.

      That said, lets see some more government funding for telecommunications research and development and see our tax dollars at work!

      I hope you all remember to vote

    • Sedate Me Says:

      I honestly wish that would work. Unfortunately, “competition” has turned out to be a battering ram for -not just the same ol’ bullshit- but even worse bullshit than before. And that’s saying something!

      Since it started decades ago, the “deregulate & competition will solve everything” mentality has resulted in the exact opposite. There’s considerably LESS media competition providing even WORSE service than we used to have..and at much higher prices.

      Oh sure, Rogers (and a couple short-term/insignificant others) can sell phones too. Woop-dee-do! But if you look at the entire Canadian media landscape; Bell, Rogers, whatever Canwest-Cogeco-Global and Chum-City-Sunny-Quebec-Corp are calling themselves this week….A few oligopolies now produce, distribute and/or control virtually EVERY SINGLE MEDIA OUTLET, ITS CONTENT & EVERY SINGLE COMMUNICATION METHOD IN CANADA. Outside of CB/Ham Radio & Canada Post, they’re inescapable.

      Unfortunately, letting in American companies (assuming they would even bother with puny little Canada) would probably only result in 1 of 2 things.

      1) “Faux Competition”. For example; American cable TV network brand names owned, or co-owned, by Canadian oligopolies. The Cartoon Network is a great example. What was pitched as a new big-name competitor, actually turned out to be nothing more than the renaming of existing Teletoon to show more Cartoon Network shows under a licence they already had. Not only that, after a merger that should NEVER have been approved, its owner is now Bell. So what started as US competition is just even more Bell now.

      2) Even bigger oligopolies. As big & powerful as Rogers & Bell are, it would not take very long for any competition to end. As should be obvious by now, the business world considers competition “bad for business”. Bell, Rogers etc and their US competition would soon merge, or buy-out each other’s corpses. This would result in even bigger and more powerful transnational media companies that are even more secure in their position of dominance. It could only result in even worse & more expensive services that the government (let alone customers) would have even LESS influence over.

      And that’s probably the ONLY way out of this. These mega-corporations need to be highly regulated, if not broken up altogether. Unfortunately, the regulators are past/future employees of these giants and governments are too scared to do anything and/or bought-&-paid-for stooges.

  10. Someone Says:

    I hate rogers, They tried to tell me that i owe them like $500 for their little shit internet stick. Which i dont EVEN use anymore, and i paid my bills every mnonth on time. They claimed to to be only $45. The next month they whoop a $500 bill at you ass. Dont believe anything they say, your first bill might be fine, but the next or 2 months later is when you get the stroke.

    • I had similiar situation, they told me that I changed to different package. I fortunately had recorded my call. So I slapped a lawyers notice. Got my my charges waved immidiately after notice. Always good to have a lawyer in the familly when dealing with companies like Rogers

  11. I suffered a service outage for several hours on May 30th. The customer service person I spoke with, agreed to one months free service for my cable, home phone and Internet services. Now their billing department is refusing to honour his agreement and giving only a paltry allowance.

    Be very wary about what the customer service people say, because it is most likely false.

    How can I publicize just how inconsiderate and arrogant Rogers is?


  12. Faisal Abbas Says:

    You were lucky you got your problem sorted out, I have just finished an hour and eight minutes call and still in the doldrum.

    I am from a country in the third world. I had expected that services I get here in Canada, a first world country, would be much better than what I had experienced in my country. On the contrary, they are worst, both in terms of services and costs; I am referring to the services I get from Rogers.

    The list of greviaces against rogers go very long. I want to relate the experience I had today from rogers. Recently being charged unexpected long distance charges, and having to have a complex tutoring from the CSR over the phone, I was being cautious when I tried to call a number having hte same area code is mine and got the recording that it is a long distance call and disconnected it.

    Before resuming I wanted to know what is the area that is local to me. After checking on the website and not finding the information, I called rogers at *611, one guy got the phone asked four questions for authentication got my query said that I needed to be connected to another department and transferted my call to another guy, second guy asked the same four questions for authentication, got my query and said that he needs to transfer my call to an specialized department. Thrid guy authenticated me thrid time asking the same four questions, got my query and said that you have good connection in your area. I told him that this is not what I was looking for I need to know what is the area that is regarded local to me. He said that needs to be taken care of another department I asked him that please put my query in a note so that I don’t have to repeat myself he agreed and transferred my call once more. I am getting infuriated. Fourth guy started to ask the same authentication when I started to rant that they should be able to verify a call once, after calming down I answered the security questions. This guy started to answer my query by pronouncing a list of areas (as I am new to the country, I do not know much about the areas) I asked him if he could send me an email with the list. He said he cannot send me an email. I asked him if this information is available on the website.

    This guy said that the information is available on the website, I asked for the url, he searched and said he can’t find it. I asked him if he could send this information in a text message, he said he cannot do that, I asked him if he could send me the information by post he said he cannot do that. I asked him if he could transfer me to any body who could sent this information to me, he said he didn’t work for rogers and no body can contact me. I asked him if he could get this information available on the website, he said he cannot do that. Then I asked to get transferted to the website customer support, thinking they might be able to help. Fifth time, I and the answer the authentication questions. The lady that got my call this time said the information is availabel on the website. I asked the url, and she dictated me http://www.rogers.com/coverage, which I told her that is not the answer to my query, and I need a local billing area and NOT the coverage area for services. She looked for it and found me another location on the web, Wilress->Phones->Add-on and Apps->Long Distance->Local Calling Area, and asked me to enter my province and city. I tried but Nova Scotia, the province I am in, was missing in the selection list. I told her that and she was confused and then read me some text that it is being updated. I asked her that could she tell me when this information could be available. She said she doesn’t know. She can’t help me. I asked if she know of anyone else who can help me. She said no body could help. I asked her if she could escalate this issue, transfer me to the manager, she said she cannot transfer me to the manager, but could escalate the issue to the manager. I asked her if she could let me know if the manager would get back to me, or a time when I should call back to know, she said she does not know. I asked her to accept that she cannot help me.

    She started using the same customer support lines “I understand how you feel….”. But this was not about how I felt. It was that I had a genuine query and she cannot answer me, cannot get me to some one who could answer and does not accept this. (Finally she accepted it that she cannot help me, I thanked her. End of conversation).

    The problems with rogers, billing, services, customer support, every thing is piling up, unfortunately I am in a three year contract. Now I am thinking of getting out of this contract. I tried looking the ways and found about the terms of services that I may end the contract if they change a service arragement or billing and I reject that within 30 days. I looked at my previous bills and found out that 911 fee was changed from $0.50 to $.75 in April. If I had known that in April I would have used that to get out of contract.

    Is there anyone who monitors this and let other know. If there is no one I would like to create a service that registers annoyed people, and track the services/terms of conditions etc.

    I would love to wear I hate rogers t-shirts. and am thinking of having some made my own.

    I feel sad about how things are done here in Canada and wish and hope they improve.

  13. Joel Schwabe Says:

    Spending 35 minutes on the phone with Rogers is fast. I’ve spent over 5 hours in only 4 phone calls to Rogers support on hold. Not even talking….just on hold. Then when you finally get to talk to a person, you probably didn’t punch in the right codes to get where you needed to be, so they have to transfer you(and reset you in the queue).
    Rogers is still the worst company I have ever dealt with. They did give me a new good phone after months of complaining(!), but they also reset my contract….

    • You Canadians are stupid. That was why Rogers thrive here. Everytime I speak with these guys I record my conversation without letting them know and use them as my defense. It is legal to do so..

  14. Fuck ROGERS Says:

    well in a total today I was on the phone with rogers this morning for 3 and half hours and right now for 1 hour and 52 mins. I’m going to start from the beginning. One year ago sept. I signed up with rogers at a wireless wave store on a “Blackberry” Student Plan. I purchased a brand new iphone 3GS in white, mind you I got a iphone on a blackberry plan. I didnt think it was a big deal because why would the guy whose been helping me out all this time not knwo what the fuck he was doing. Funny thing in about a month later my phone keeps freezing and turning off and dropping calls randomly…..SO I go to the wireless wave store they tell me to call rogers…I call rogers and they tell me to call apple because I am under warranty. Apple couldnt do anything over the phoen so I drove there made an appointment and they told me the so called bran new phone that I spend over $250 on is damaged inside. They got a brand new one and opened it for me showing me the inside and how it is set up.

    SOOO I went back to wireless wave they said call rogers and rogers after weeks of calling and issues of complaints that were put in…..decided they cant do shit except keep the money I had spent on the phone and send me another USED phone..after the hours and days I wasted talking to them on the phone and not having a phone to use I had no choice but to settle for that..and for the past year I been doing that.

    Phone after phone..same issues..rogers fucking couldnt do shit. THEN they stopped sending me the phone about 6 months into the contact(mind you for one year you have warranty)..I kept calling and asking and the first time a issues was sent it..they lied and nothing was done and another worker in customer relations did it for me. After that I called a week later and they said the phones missing and to call in the next 14 day business days.. MOTHERFUKAS….I called and they had to contact post office and then I called again and they lost it on there own fault..NOW its been a month and half without a phone and FINALLY they send me a phone.

    IT DIDNT EVEN LAST ME 2 WEEKS. i was so pissed so I kept callign in hopes of gettin some help. NO ONE DID SHIT from one department to the other.. I knowwwwwwwwww alllllllllllll there trickkkkkss by now…SO turns out by the time I was on the phone with someone who said they can do do something for me…MY warranty ended. So I had no phone and had to use my sisters for the time being.

    NOW they say..”I see you have been having a lot of trouble with your phone….we can send you a brand new one.” i was like fuck finaly they are doign something for me 6 months later.

    So I was gonna get a new phone and I was waiting on it and it had been 2 and half weeks so I called them and guesss what happppppens NOW..”Im sorry mame we no longer get new iphone 3GS”.

    [you can all manage how angry I was by then]

    SO best they did for me by then was that they let me get a iphone 4(which I had to buy again at full price)..

    I got the iphone 4 after 2 months..a few months ago…now because I was on balackberry plant they thoguht I was messing around and they apparently needed me to change my plan…FUK NO not happening so after hours on phone they didnt do shit.

    I drove to rogers store and in 7 mins switched it all over and then I called them back and filed another complaint. OKAY WHATEVER I spent more money..and i got a phone I said I would never call them again unless I discconect my phone.

    Throughout the whole year…..I have been getting my bills so late.. i called psot office I tried to track with them. but somehow all of the rogers motherfukas have a diffeerent date that Im suppose to get the bil…14th..17th…23rd.. I dont every get it before the 29th.. SO every month I didnt pay till I saw the bill then I would get overcharges and soon the phone woudl get suspended and theres a another 25$ charge which only takes them a click of a button.

    Every month I call least 4 times for past year.

    Now I was sick in hospital and for past two months I asked my sister to pay every bill as it comes in the mail…now I called them to make sure I get my bill because I was in hospital and somehow I have online banking according to the bitch I spoke to this morning when I realized my phone is disccounted but its the 24th and I get the bill around 29ths..


    So i got the regular charges for late fees and restoral fees because of my bill being late but to top it all off. every month the reason for my calls to them is because my bill is so high..and they keep having to cut it down because I dont use my phone as much as it says I do. and FUNNY THING IS THEY ALWAYS KNOW ITS OVERCHARGED…my bill with tax should be 57$ I have never seen it less then 100$ due to the late fees and overcharges they put on it…



    today when I called I was told I cant talk to someone in customer care because only the credit people deal with my account as I am a “at risk account” which has “multipy issues displayed on it”

    MOREOVER I GIVE THEM SHIT FOR THERE MSITAKES AND THEY STILL HAVE NO WAS ON HELPING YOU AFTER ALL THE PROBLEMS I HAVE HAD WITH THEM. LAST MONTH I WAS ON A HOSPITAL BED WITH NO PHONE AS I DIDNT GET THE BILL AND THE LADY SAID TO ME “can you not use the hospital phone..its not our fault we are nto sure how you have online billing now!?!”…and how can I forget the phone calls to my house while I was in the hospital.. my 11 year old down syndromes brother.. was told twice in the month of december that its the doctors called from a 1-866- 349-4596 number when my parents came home to recall the number IT WAS ROGERS


    TODAY, my parent discconneted there houseline…cable…HD BOX..internet and three cells phone with rogers.. which they have had for past 9 and half years.

    In my experience things wont change with rogers..best to go somewhere else and cancel contracts. They wont learn untill they go bankrupt and I really truly hope they do. GOOD DAY.

  15. FUCKING DISGUSTING COMPANY!!! They dont give you code to unlock your phone after paying for their 3 fucking years contract. Now I have 2 useless phones. These phones are my property and has nothing to do with Rogers. Now I have to pay to get their fucking brand out of MY phones and have them unlocked.

    Plus these mother fuckers charged me 20$ for 2 months saying I exceeded 8 GB above my internet limit and charged me 2.5$ per GB because I cancelled their internet service. Plus they removed Internet usage option from my online access so that I cannot verify their claim. Mother fuckers.

    May Tedd Rogers Rott in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ive got news for you…. Bell is just as bad. Im with Bell now and was actually thinking of switching to Rogers!! You can’t win. I feel helpless because they are fucking the shit out of me and there is little I can do. I can sit on the phone for hours, meticulously go through my confusing bills to find the errors, yell, threat, drive myself crazy, but I will go through that will Rogers as well because they own us. We need more competition.
    I bundled my services with bell because I was to get a discount on all the services. I havent got them. Ive asked and they told me that they will put a request in for me, but it may take a couple billing cycles for it to go through…???
    That was the reason I bundled in the first place, 5 MONTHS AGO! AND they cant even guarantee that it will go through. The lady I spoke to seemed angry that I couldnt understand this. She told me that this was a GIFT from bell and that it takes time…
    Assholes. Drive me nuts. What can we do….

  17. I hate Rogers too!!! They are incompetitive! (But good at making blood-sucking contracts and those small print conditions), and their customer service sucks!!! always make you wait in line on phone for more than 10 minutes and then, said, “Sorry, your question is about wireless, I have to transfer your line again.” @#$%!!!!!! Blood pressure shoots up big time!!!!! And questions not solved at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why can’t we have more competition to eat up most or all Roger’s share?!

  18. Too bad the ihaterogers.ca site is no longer up. Someone probably made a lot of money selling it to Rogers.

    Rogers just jacks up the prices and decrease value offered to customers. Less bandwidth. Higher prices. Hell, they even jacked up their modem rental prices… as far as I know, the modem i got 3 years ago does not cost more today than it did 2 years ago. Heck, it’s probably worth nothing these days and in the 3 years, I already paid off more than this piece of crap is worth.

    Called up rogers today to inquire about unusual bandwidth activity. They want me to shutdown everything for 24 hours before they can investigate. What kind of fucking bullshit is that? Can anyone not use internet for 24 hours? Heck, I am paying for this fucking service already. Would you give me a refund for not using it for 24 hours?

    Maybe that’s their policy and no matter how sucky the policy is, most of us do not have a choice since we have to deal with an oligopoly. But to add insult to injury, the fucking frustrated bitch i had on the line even started yelling before I even showed any kind of frustration. What kind of service is that? she was not even listening when I was protesting against her attitude. What kind of fucked up customer relations is that?

    The worst part is Bell isn’t any better. I will now seriously consider switching to TekSavvy. I hear they are very good. And much more generous with bandwidth. I will dump rogers in a heartbeat at the first available opportunity. Trust me on that.

  19. Rogers Hater Says:

    I worked for Rogers for about 10 years. Worked hard and received letters from customers who are happy with my customer service skills. But inside Rogers as a work environment I get treated with no respect or dignity. They have the attitude is that “You do what you get paid for” No extra credit or recognization with in the company. Finally I left to work for another communication company, I am happy here. I really hate Rogers and how they treat their employees.

  20. I was so traumatized by Rogers customer service – they are inept and just plain stupid. I was charged with a cable bill – I don’t have cable. I explained this to the 10 service people I was transfered to for the 10th time and still got nowhere. After being on the phone each time for approximately 2 hours each, I paid the bill just to get rid of Rogers. I will never deal with them again and I would strongly suggest that people contact their MP and push for opening the borders to allow competition in,,,,, so, we lowlly Canadians can actually make a choice about our providers. I cancelled Rogers as they support the CRTC which should be abolished. It radiates union mentality.

  21. Traumatized is seriously a good word to use. I’ve been on the phone twice now with Rogers where I am SO frustrated that I end up crying. The first time, I was trying to understand why I was getting charged for so much long-distance minutes and the representative was being SO rude that I just hung up and HE CALLED ME BACK saying “Did you just hang up on me??”. Not in a concerned way as if I hung up accidentally but in an angry way. How fucking creepy, I should have called back to complain about him but didn’t. My dad saw how upset I was (I was still in school at this time) and called them the next day to cancel my phone service but was met with someone who seemed to really apologize and offered a good deal so we stayed.

    I stayed with them for about two years without a contract and everything was going great. I started getting customer care calls offering me bonus minutes and a free phone if I sign a new contract since I was a “valuable long-time costumer”. At this point, it didn’t seem like a bad idea since I liked my plan which I had for SIX YEARS by this point. Since I didn’t need more minutes OR a new phone, I called Rogers and got through to their costumer relations department to see if there was anything else they were willing to offer to me for being such a “valuable long-time costumer”. The lady offered me a $5 discount off of my current plan for a one year contract and TOLD ME TWICE that everything on my plan would stay the same except for the discount. I made her RECITE to me EXACTLY what my plan was TWICE before hanging up. I had a transaction number and everything.

    However, when I called back a couple of days later inquiring about my service, I was told that the 1000 LD minutes that I previously had was TAKEN OFF and I only had 100 LD minutes when I FULLY made sure the lady would keep the 1000 LD because it’s the most important part of my plan. I told them the transaction number and they said “Nope, looks like the new plan you’re on won’t allow you that 1000 LD discount”…………. SO YOU CAN GET a transaction number, you can get them to tell you what your plan is, but it’s USELESS because when you call back they can just say “Huh? No, you must have heard wrong”… I spent the next hour being SO frustrated to tears that in order to get LD minutes back, I was gonna have to end up paying MORE than I was before when I was happily living my life without a contract. So basically, they LIED about their services to get me to sign onto a contract because I was ready to go to Mobilicity since my sister had already made the switch and I was free to go since I didn’t have a contract.

    I am still working on this issue but it is frustrating as hell and I can’t understand how they can conduct business like this.

    If you aren’t under contract with Rogers, DON’T SIGN UP WITH THEM. I was not on a contract for almost two years and forgot about how they treat you when you ARE on contract. For almost two years they had nice, flexible costumer service and I almost forgot why I hated Rogers. and BAM, as soon as they get you on any kind of contract, they DON’T GIVE A SHIT about you.

    Fkkkkkkkkk, I hate rogers SO MUCH.

  22. Rogers is a bunch of fucking assholes. Thats all I can say fuck them fuck that whole company.

    Switched to Telus and I use not even a 10th the data I was at Rogers and same phone, same habits, theyre fucking idiots god I hate them.

  23. I have been with Rogers for more than 15 years. Today I cancelled all my services with Rogers. I warn everyone that Rogers will rip you off any way they can – they will steal money from you ! All of sudden I have been charged with extra $50 for extra internet usage for several months. I did not download or do anyting different from the past months/years, and my internet is secured. I called to complain but to make the long story short it comes down to your words against theirs. A few days later I’ve received calls from my neighbours with the same experience and I was then convinced that it was Rogers scam – they will test you by charging extra thinking that most will just pay and avoid confrontation. They can charge whatever they want and I just have to take it. I also had a cell phone contract where the incoming text is free, but all of sudden I see additional $30 charge for incoming text. I called Rogers and the staff reply was “Sir we have been charging it for the past several months and you did not say anything about it.” – totally ridiculous and I was so upset. I will NEVER go back to Rogers no matter what they offer…. Rogers company is making a big mistake by cheating loyal long-time customers like me… Beware !

  24. Seems Sony is using Rogers as an exclusive 3g partner/provider for service in Canada for the PS Vita. Would love to go on about how bad an idea this would be for anyone actually wanting to own one but just not worth complaining about it since both sony and Rogers are doing such a great job on their own proving to people how useless they are.

  25. In Europe and in Asian no company like Rogers. service is simple and cheap. Not like in Rogers. Everywhere service simple and cheap. Not in Rogers. Fucking niggards!

  26. They are the worst in Canada they only wants to rip you off their customer service is terrible for the price you paid. Even to cancel the service is poor they don’t even let you talk or give you some help FUCK YOU ROGERS I REALLY HATE YOU

  27. im on the phone with rogers now i have used my internet at my house on my cell for the whole month now just had a new baby, and they said i used over my data by three times IMPOSSIBLE i have called in 6 times today and they just tell me well you are over…thats nice i know that but its not right …still getting charged the $175 sooo buying myself out of the contract i fucking hate rogers thanks for helping me out when i just had a baby … I can’t afford this bullshit i hope they go bankrupt

  28. My home phone and internet have been down 2 days. Booked a service call to come fix. The tech calls the home phone to confirm the appointment. Line is busy since the service is down. tech doesn’t come out for the call. IDIOTS. the morale of the story is move to BELL

  29. Smokey_Stacks Says:

    I cut the cable from my house about 2 weeks ago, after we got told to take it or leave it from Rogers. Our contract ended, we were paying about $100 a month for the VIP package, we were informed that was going to be $150 a month now. Okay lets try to reason with them and they came up with $125 a month just for TV. When you do find a movie you want to watch you are going to pay extra for it. Anything that comes free I have on VHS or DVD in my cupboard anyways. You can watch Storage Wars, Pawnstars, CSI Miami 24 hours a day on thier so called specialty channels. WTF. So what I have done is buy a HDTV indoor antenna, I have it placed in the attic of my garage and I can get about 15 channels perfectly. I had it in the basement and got about 10 channels perfectly. Cost me $30. I’m so impressed I will go ahead and have a high quaility one installed above the roof for about $ 500 total one time cost, that will get me between 30 and 60 channels. Unfortunatly I won’t be able to watch Storage wars anymore on History, or Pawnstars on discovery or CSI on A&E. But I already have Netflix (8.00mth) coming through on x-box and can do the same with you tube and others. This is just another way to watch tv, and I haven’t missed Storage Wars one bit over the last two weeks. Rogers You Suck and You Lost My Business forever, not that you would care!

  30. Rogers sells garbage, they act deceptively on a regular basis, and always withhold relevant information buried in their 4 point font sized contracts.
    They tried to sell me a rent to own plan for my PVR. I’ve had two PVRs crash in 4 months. I refused the offer when first presented but now seriously fuming that they ever even offered this plan knowing their PVR products are re-serviced junk. On top of all that, they somehow hold a monopoly on cable services in my area and their customer service is truly pathetic and offensive to anyone with a brain. In heaven, I will be allowed to commit never-ending violence against anyone that ever worked for Rogers.

  31. Around our house everybody knows who we’re talking about when we refer to the evil corporate thieves…


  33. I am really disappointed of Roger’s customer service; have been with this company since came to Canada (2006) with all the services (two cell phones, landlines, Internet and TV), I am happy not to be a Rogers customer any more since today 2013-08-23, that is my last cell phone which I had cancelled and paid the cancellation fee just because of lake of customer service and extra charges, I want to share my experiences whit don’t want you to get involve with same issue hopefully!

    1- we moved from Toronto to Oakville on 2011, I called them asking to move my whole services to new address, the customer service saying that, one week notes is good enough, so I called them a week before & they find out that they have no services on that area which I am moving so had to cancel everything, just keep my cell phone which I did. I found Cogeco services much better and less expensive on the area, they gave me free land-line & TV Box for two years contract. The Internet speed is amazing like real 30Mg/S unbelievable, and 280 GB download per month however Rogers charge me for cancellation fee. I called them several time and they told me that is minimum of one month notice is required for cancellation!! That was not acceptable because it was not my choice they didn’t have service on that area and I had noting to do just to cancel it anyway I did not want to be bad credit. SO IF YOU WANT TO MOVE, MAKE SURE THEY HAVE SERVICE ON THE AREA OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CHARGE FOR CANCELLATION FEES!!!

    2- I used to have authorization credit card which has been expired, that was clear on expiration date, so the payment has been rejected however I paid that on time with another credit card before the due date, anyway they charge $25 + Tax!!! I called them have telling that it would happen in any other places, and all you have to do to change the credit cart not to extra charge which does not make sense, however customer service is refuse to accept that. SO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GIVE ANY AUTHORIZATION PAYMENT TO THEM JUST TRY TO PAY ON TIME.

    3- I had my cell phone since I moved to Canada was 2006, having same number with 6 GB Internet which I have never exit more than 500MB or may one time maximum 2 GB; however last month I got a bill for $170 for extra download, that was 5 GB only in one day. You are not getting any warning or email to inform you until you get surprised with the bill by end of the month. I called technical support, the guy was so confused since the download was on few shut 2 GB and the rest one GB, but all in one day. I told them this has to be something wrong either on Rogers or my cell phone which has been never happened before. Nicely asked if they give me at less some discount since I have been good customer for more than seven years, after some transfer the top customer service was saying NO, not even a penny! I got embarrass why should I have to call them so I asked to cancellation, the top customer service told me it is okay but I can not keep my phone number transferred to another provider! That is ridicules! I have to pay full cancellation fees and have a month notice. That is the way they want to keep the customer!! SO DO NOT GO WITH ROGERS CELL PHONE SINCE THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOU KEEP YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

    4- Last issue was when they start charging me since “I don’t how many month ago” for something named “Rogers Navigator 4.99+Tax” which I don’t know what is it good for? have never used that SO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BILLS REGULARLY

    Rogers have enough customer and probably is going to raid off most of them and don’t care about customer any more
    I am happy to get ride of Rogers god bless you all.

  34. I fucking hate rogers! Fuck them. they should go to fucking hell where they fucking belong. poor canadains get raped by these low life motherfukers. I hope they fucking die in their fucking sleep while choking on the fucking shit they try to feed us!

  35. Ted the roach Says:

    Rogers cell phone customers are experiencing a nationwide outage too bad

  36. I feel like Rogers reps aren’t happy unless they do something wrong to cause the customer some kind of trouble and make the customer go through hell.

  37. I had rogers wireless which allowed me to move from location to location and bring my modem with me. I paid for the modem and a years contract, and after a year I discontinued the service. They called me and said I had one more payment, 30 dollars, and I said take the final payment with the automatic withdrawal that I had set up when I signed the contract. A month later I got the first call from the collection agency, this continued on several times a week for 2 years. I ended up paying the bill twice through my bank account directly to the rogers billing service. I showed the agencies document after document that I had paid the bill on two different occasions. Rogers billing did nothing, and said it wasn’t there problem. Anyways
    fuck Rogers and the horse they rode in on.

  38. Rogers was founded by the mob and still have many in the ranks. They over bill customers all the time and the CTRC lets it go because of the bribes they have been sending the Ottawa guys for the last 20 years. Key figures in the credit rating agencies have also been paid off by mobsters like Rogers in order to give them the power to make claims for any amount without proving it.

  39. Rotten thief’s! Scumbags that never give a straight answer. About selling people their garbage repeats and charging the hell out of the customer! Hate you bastards with a passion!

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