Psystar Goes Titsup…. Sends Apple’s Case Straight To Limbo Land

According to the MacObserver, God Steve Jobs least favorite company Psystar has filed for Chapter 11 protection:

The bankruptcy documents were filed with the Federal Courts in Florida on Thursday, and Apple’s legal team was most likely made aware of the situation over the Memorial Day weekend.

But if you’re one of the  iLawyers, here’s a reason to get excited:

The Florida court will hold a hearing on June 5 where Psystar’s equity creditors will be revealed — which means if there have been deep pockets behind the company’s fight against Apple, those names will finally come out of the shadows.

The only downside to this is that this basically brings Apple’s case against them to a standstill as all legal action against the company is put on hold while the bankruptcy proceedings go forward. From what I can tell, their website is still up and there is no sign that it’s anything other than business as usual. So we will see where this rather bizarre epsiode goes to next.

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