Panties For The Apple Fanboi/Fangirl…. Too Bad They Don’t Ship To Canada [UPDATED x2]

I tripped over this online today:

I thought they were perfect for my wife, so I tried to order them from the company website. That’s when I was greeted with the news that the don’t ship to Canada. Too bad as my wife would really like them. But I’m still going to pimp their product mention them on my blog as if you’re an Apple Fanboi/Fangirl, you might find them a great gift.

Oh, if the makers of these panties read this, please reconsider your decision not to ship to Canada.

UPDATE: A reader e-mailed me to say that he had a long e-mail conversation with the owner of the company. They came to an agreement about shipments to Canada in his case and he managed to order the product. If he gets his order, I’ll let you know and likely place an order of my own.

UPDATE #2: He got them today. So as a result of that news I’m placing my order today. It would be really nice if iPanties could fix Google Checkout so that Canadians can order them without having to go through all sorts of effort to do it.

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