CRTC Decides To Keep Their Hands Off The Internet…. Wow!

Canadian Internet users should pay attention to this one. The CRTC just released a decision that is remarkably enlightened given that this is the CRTC we’re talking about here. In this decision, the CRTC has decided to continue it’s hands off approach to the Internet. Although it will revisit the decision every 5 years.  Here’s a snippet from their press release:

“While broadcasting in new media is growing in importance, we do not believe that regulatory intervention is necessary at this time,” said Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., Chairman of the CRTC. “We found that the Internet and mobile services are acting in a complementary fashion to the traditional broadcasting system. Any intervention on our part would only get in the way of innovation.”

There’s a link to the actual decision as well in the above press release. But, before you jump for joy, you may want to note this:

Fourthly, the Commission will initiate a reference to the Federal Court of Appeal to clarify the status of Internet service providers (ISPs). The Court will be asked to determine whether the Broadcasting Act should apply to ISPs when they provide access to broadcasting content.

Well that gives me reason to pause. That appeal could go either way. But I’ll wait and see on that.

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