Apple Releases New MacBooks, OS, Browser… And Oh Yeah, A New iPhone OS and iPhone…… Fanbois Jump For Joy And Shout “Praise Steve” To The Heavens [UPDATED]

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference dropped several new products on the universe today, much to the delight of the Apple fanbois in attendance. Here’s the highlights:

  • Apple announced a new 15″ MacBook Pro today. It has a non removable Lithium Polymer battery which promises 40% longer life as well as an 5 year lifespan (yeah, right). It also has a better screen with 60% more color gamut and an SD card slot. That means that I can suck my pics off my digital camera without needing to scrounge for a USB cable. Cool! You can get one with up to a 3.06 GHz Dual Core 6MB Level 2 Cache Intel processor, 8GB of memory, 500GB hard drive or 256GB SSD drive. Oh, and they’re available today for those of you who must have it right now. Oh, I should mention that there is still no matte display option on the MacBooks with the exception of the 17″ model. WTF?
  • As an added bonus, the 17″ model drops in price too and the 13″ version gets an update as well and are now called MacBook Pros. They now come with the new battery and the new screen. Oh, if you were pissed at Apple removing the Firewire port from the 13″ model, it’s back in Firewire 800 form. Not to mention that they can be upgraded to 8GB of RAM too.
  • The MacBook Air models get an update as well with a price drop to boot.
  • The white Macbook is the only Macbook that remains in the lineup.
  • Snow Leopard was announced, but it won’t be available until September… But that’s still a whole month or more before Windows 7. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Microsoft! But I’m digressing here. It takes up less disk space, it’s faster, and it is 64-bit. Oh, there’s more eye candy that you may or may not care about. But you will care about this, upgrades to Snow Leopard will cost $29 USD!
  • Safari 4 is out of beta and is available today for Mac and Windows. It’s apparently 7.8x faster than IE8 and It passes 100/100 of the Acid 3 test (the standard for browser testing right now). IE8 is 21/100 on the same test. Not to mention faster Javascript performance, and “crash resistance.”
  • iPhone OS 3.0 was officially announced today with a ton of new features that the fanbois have been lusting after such as copy and paste as well as push notification. MMS is finally available too… Sort of. AT&T will have to do some work on their network to make it work. So it won’t happen until later this summer…. FAIL! You can rent and purchase movies via the iPhone now. Also, you can get TV shows, music videos and audio books over 3G too. You can tether your iPhone to your computer to give the computer Internet access now…. But again, not if you’re on AT&T. But if you’re pretty much anywhere else, you’re good to go. Plus Safari on the iPhone is closer to Safari on the desktop (that includes streaming content…. On your nickle of course). Google Maps now gets turn by turn support, so it turns your iPhone into a car like GPS. One potentially cool feature is the ability to “Find Your iPhone” and the ability to remote erase the phone if you lose it…. Too bad you have to be on MobileMe to use those features…. FAIL! It will be officially available on June 17th. It will be free for iPhone users, $9.95 for iPod Touch users.
  • Finally, the iPhone 3GS was announced today. The “S” stands for speed. It has faster processing power, OpenGL|ES support, and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA cellular data support. The new 3GS includes a 3MP autofocus camera that does stills and video. The net result is that your amateur porn pictures will look better than ever and you can have VGA quality video. There’s voice recognition software built in, along with a digital compass, and built-in support for Nike+ as well. For the paranoid people out there, this new iPhone has Hardware Encryption to keep your porn data safe. Battery life is better too. It gets 9 hours on Wi-Fi, 10 hours on video, 30 hours on audio, 12 hours on 2G talk and 5 hours on 3G talk. It comes in 16GB and 32GB flavors and will be available on June 19th or later depending on where you live. Start lining up now.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Please leave a comment and share your wisdom.

UPDATE: The Quicktime Stream of the event is now available.

2 Responses to “Apple Releases New MacBooks, OS, Browser… And Oh Yeah, A New iPhone OS and iPhone…… Fanbois Jump For Joy And Shout “Praise Steve” To The Heavens [UPDATED]”

  1. Re: Snow Leopard. No PPC support = don’t care. If I can’t run the latest OS on my not-even-three-year-old G5, then Apple has an irate customer who won’t soon forget the slight.

  2. I didn’t realize before now that remote erase will be possible via MobileMe. I just replaced Gapps with MobileMe because it’s actually a better value for my dollar. Why pay for Spanning Sync, Mozy, and waste time configuring free exchange servers and other MobileMe replacements when I can pay $99/year for one product that does it all?

    With all the Apple updates, I’m predicting that server-side rules and some form of domain name email will be available fairly soon. I can live without it for a little while. Remote wipe definitely makes it worth the price tag.

    To respond to X, if you’re upset with Apple, why not just save money and build a Hackinstosh? That’s just another one of the awesome new technologies that are now possible, thanks to Intel. Ubuntu has a pretty slick OS, too, and it’s one of the five operating systems installed on my Macbook.

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