Rape Video Games Banned In Japan…. Or Not

Remember those rather hideous Japanese rape simulator video games that I told you about? They’re back in the news again. Adult Video News (Link slightly NSFW) reported that the games had been banned. Sort of:

The ban is not a legal one and comes from within the Japanese industry as self-regulation, though most believe game-makers in Japan will adhere to the new restrictions. Game site Kotaku reports game maker Syrup Soft is delaying release of its upcoming game “Gang Raped by the Entire Village — Girls Covered in Milky Liquid” to re-title it and likely make other adjustments to what still sounds like a severely sexually violent game.

Okay. That doesn’t sound like a ban. It sounds like spin. Why isn’t this game and others like it banned? Why do the Japanese not do something in this regard? What am I missing here?

Can someone explain this to me. I guess I just don’t get why common sense doesn’t prevail here.

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