Bell Canada Kills Video Store…. Shock…. Not!

You might remember that Bell had opened an online video store last May. At the time I said that this service wouldn’t last long, and it didn’t. Just 13 months after it opened, Bell has announced via e-mail to their subscribers that they’re closing down the video store as of June 15th. I guess it couldn’t compete against iTunes. Or perhaps nobody likes Bell because they ticked so many people off in the last year with their throttling activities. Either way, I for one will not be sad to see this video store go.

2 Responses to “Bell Canada Kills Video Store…. Shock…. Not!”

  1. Bell had a video store? I thought might have heard of it if I KNEW someone who worked for Bell TV…..

  2. The video store is going away, sure, but only because Bell is going to be releasing Video on Demand. Saw a demo of it at the Telecom Summit – the aim is to get it to mobile devices as well as TVs of subscribers.

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