Download IE8, Donate To Charity….Hmmm… There’s Must Be More To This

I must admit the cynic in me is having a hard time processing this at face value.

If you go to this website, you can download Internet Explorer 8 and at the same time Microsoft will donate 8 meals to Feeding America. On the surface, that sounds like a great gesture. It doesn’t cost you anything to download IE8 and some of the less fortunate will get fed. Win win right?

Here’s where the cynic in me comes out. If we look around the browser universe, we see the following:

  • 11 million copies of Safari 4 were downloaded in the first three days of the browser being available.
  • According to Net Applications as of May 2009, Internet Explorer’s global share of browser usage stood at 65.5%, compared with 22.5% for Firefox, 8.4% for Safari, and 1.8% for Google’s Chrome. Keep in mind that IE used to have a share around 90% of the market.

So is this about helping the needy, or is it about jacking their share of the browser market under the guise of doing good?

I’ll let you weigh in and give me your two cents.

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