Psystar May Not Be Able To Escape The iLawyers…… Even In Bankruptcy

If Psystar thought that declaring bankruptcy would keep them from being the target of Apple’s hordes of iLawyers, they may have to think twice. is reporting that Apple still wants to get the Mac clonemaker into court:

Apple filed a motion on June 5 asking the court to modify a stay of proceedings and to compel Mac clone-maker Psystar to show up in court in November as previously scheduled.

Psystar got an automatic stay of proceedings when it filed for bankruptcy in May, but Apple doesn’t think the company should be able to use the bankruptcy laws to do so.

Why does Apple feel this way? Simple:

At the heart of Apple’s new motion is that despite Psystar’s bankruptcy, the company is still in business and continues to sell its computers with Mac OS X pre-installed. The latter is what prompted Apple to file a copyright infringement lawsuit in the first place.

Personally, I think this is part of a larger strategy by Psystar. They don’t have any hope of winning this and they know it. Therefore they stall, delay, and do anything to keep from being shut down by the courts. IANAL but I’m not sure how you would fight that.

Perhaps we’re about to find out.

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